Sold Horses

A small sample of the array of horses we have sold. Horses are bought and sold daily, so just because your type of horse isn't featured here does not mean that we do not have it!



Congratulations to the Mendl family on the purchase of Shooter. Shooter went to his new home in Colorado and is fitting in well. We love seeing his updates.

This pony is so broke, even your Bitmoji can ride him!



Joke's on You

Congratulations to Kayli Wolf on the purchase of Joke's on You "Joker."

We are so glad to see this one of a kind horse find a perfect home! Kayli and Joker are already doing well in the show ring, and we can't wait to see how far this pair will go.

joker 3



BRB Kept My Promise

Bittersweet to see this talented pony go!

"This little horse is, by far, my favorite to ride in many years. He's young and cute- 14.0 hands. I bought him in Texas, where he was raised and used. He has done everything a horse can do saddled-will cut a cow with a lot of try, calm and easy to rope off of and drag a calf, and he'll walk, trot, canter, and rein like a show horse. Also knows how to canter a course in the hunter ring.
Has been hauled and shown in US Pony Club Games events with young children. I call him the nicest horse around; suitable for kids, but so skilled that he should belong to an adult that enjoys all aspects of riding. Truly a superior horse." -Dennis


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Spot On

Spot On is a 14 hand, 11 year old app pony. He does it all- used in lessons, jumping, and mounted games. Really smart, handy pony. Would be great for a confident, intermediate rider. Cute jumper with lots of scope, and a lot of fun to ride.

Recently purchased by Chelsi Mikell. We are excited for this pair!

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  • Hakuna Matata "Bay Pony"- Purchased by Makinley Neill. Bay Pony and Makinley have cleaned up in the jumpers, equitation, and pony hunter divisions.
  • Cruise on By "Fozi"- Purchased by Brooklynn Porter. Fozi is a competitive games pony, and Brooklynn rode him to qualify for the 2018 USPC International Mounted Games Exchange Team.
  • Bongo- Purchased by Mallory Cecil. Bongo enjoyed his time in Colorado with Mallory, and now lives on a private ranch in California.
  • Cash- Purchased by Betsy Worthy. Cash and Betsy enjoy trail rides with friends.
  • Chip- Purchased by Lavern Detweiler. This talented horse is enjoying his new home and is an all around great horse for any discipline.
  • Clancy- Purchased by Laney Hardeman. Laney and Clancy are very competitive in mounted games. They also enjoy to go cross country schooling.
  • Rhapsody in Blue "Blue"- Purchased by Lilly Worthy. Blue is an exceptional show pony, and is teaching Lilly the ropes. They have had a successful show career together.
  • Savannah- Purchased by Rachel Robson. Savannah is Rachel's personal polo mount. Savannah also loves to go sorting or trail riding with Rachel and her daughter.
  • Teddy- Purchased by Sandy Edwards-Zickrick. Teddy is loving his Colorado home with Sandy. They enjoy trail rides with friends.
  • Sox- Sold in Rocky Mountain Select Horse Sale. Sox is a gentle giant, and we are so happy he has a great home in Colorado.
  • Beau- Purchased by Bella Pellet. Beau and Bella made their debut in the games arena. Beau is an all around pony who also enjoys a jump school or ride down the road.
  • Just Keep Swimming "Nemo"- Purchased by Katie Schnelle. Nemo is a lovely horse with lots of talent, he and Katie are very competitive in the show ring. We can't wait to see how far this team will go.
  • Cruise Control "Remi"- Purchased by Makinley Neill. Remi is a fun ride, and he and Makinley will make their showing debut this year.
  • Great Expectations "Hondo"- Purchased by Anita Moots. Hondo and Anita have been very successful in H/J and dressage, and enjoy trail rides with friends. Hondo is also teaching Anita's granddaughter the ropes and they are a great pair.
  • Pablo- Sold in Rocky Mountain Select Horse Sale. Pablo is a smart young horse. He is a very fun ride, and is now living in Arizona.
  • Deal- Purchased by Josie Harrington. Josie and Deal have become quite a team.
  • Mr. Determined "Bobby"- Purchased by Anna Lundberg. Bobby is a handy pony, who excels in H/J and mounted games. Anna and Bobby are always fun to watch compete.
  • Mardi Gras "Marty"- Purchased by Elizabeth Smith. Marty is a great teacher, and he and Elizabeth have done very well in the show ring.
  • Swayze- Purchased by Kim Mikell. Swayze is a classy horse with tons of talent. He and Kim have been successful in every discipline, and make a great pair.
  • Carlos- Sold in Rocky Mountain Select Horse Sale. Carlos is a little guy with big talent. He is enjoying his new home in Colorado, and goes on trail rides through the mountains.
  • Hobbes- Sold in Rocky Mountain Select Horse Sale. Hobbes is the most easy-going pony. We loved having him, and he is now enjoying his home in Oregon.
  • Rio- Purchased by Cody Nichols. Rio is an extremely rare find. He's very broke and stout enough to drag any steer, but is also kind enough for Cody's whole family to ride. Rio is loving his home with the Nichols family.

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