JJ Red Buck

JJ Red Buck Hip #123
2007 AQHA Buckskin STALLION, 15.1 hds

Video: https://www.facebook.com/heritagelivestock/videos/pcb.293229061720945/3540675275965067/?type=3&theater

OWN SON of TWO EYED RED BUCK. Bred, raised and trained by Pitzer Ranch & he carries Howard Pitzer’s brand on his left hip. He’s been shown in Ranch Versatility, he’s a finished team roping horse, and is pro caliber on the heel side. Even though he’s a stallion he’s super gentle for anyone to ride. He will do an honest day’s work in the pasture. He’s been used on the ranch from sorting and penning to roping, dragging, holding and doctoring yearlings. He is quiet in the box, scores well, and is also great on trails. Nothing bothers him, he’s been there and done that. Our 13 y/o boy has used him in the pastures to gather cattle (riding him in videos below) and he’s always an absolute gentleman.
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