School Horses



Heritage Livestock keeps a collection of school horses available for lessons, camps, and shows. All of our horses are well rounded, and have experience in hunters, jumpers, mounted games, dressage, and travel frequently.

We purchased all of our lesson horses with the intent to resell. When working with these horses their easygoing mannerisms and versatility made it an easy choice to keep them as lesson horses and permanent members of our family. New horses are continuously integrated into our lesson program and a select few are available for sale.


Zack is a 14.2 black pony. Zack is our go-to pony for any discipline, and will take care of any level of rider. Zack was Meghan’s personal show pony for a few years, and now primarily works in the lesson program. He is known to be a confidence builder, and a fun ride. Zack also enjoys eating Mc Donald’s hashbrowns on his way to shows.

Mr. Right

Mr. Right “X-ey,” is a 14.2 bay Mexican pony. X-ey is a reliable lesson horse for any level, and is a consistent winner in the show ring. X-ey was Kelsie’s first show pony, and they moved up the levels together. He is now showing the ropes to new riders in different disciplines.


Frito Bandito

Frito Bandito is a 13.2 pinto pony. Frito is a kid’s lesson pony, and is a great teacher. Frito was Meghan’s first show pony, and is now her top mounted games pony. He may be galloping in the games arena one day, and taking a rider around a Pony Hunter course the next. Frito is an athletic and adorable jumper.


Will is a 16.1 imported Warmblood. Will is a schoolmaster dressage horse. He is used primarily in dressage lessons and for flat work. He is a one of a kind horse with a lot to teach. A common phrase around the barn is, “I love Will!”